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4 Responses to “Accounting Training Courses”

  1. Obah said

    Thank you for your impovement and the training you offer who interest this course to cover daily activities of get expereince I am one of the who like to take this lessens to improve my career.and i like to send the lessens and facilitate the way you are guidence.

    Many thanks,

    Obah Mohamed

    • Obah said

      i am relly want to take part this course or training to improve my career. so who you can help.

      Many thanks,


  2. naeemhadayat said

    i having some problem in question.kindly solve my problem.give me answer that question as.
    1.bad a/c rs 1000 are to be written off a 4% allow to ba ddebts to be reconized on remaining account.
    2.goods previously valued at cost calculated in terms of lifo.are to be reconized at their present market value rs.26600.
    3.furniture and fixture replacement value is rs.15000 but the assets is to be considered 50% depreciated and has a sound value rs.7500
    4.e is allowed credit for goodwill for rs.10000 that is considered to related to business.provide me adjusting entries and balancesheet. thanks

    • learnaccounting said

      Pardon me. I do not have the time to resolve the specific problems you have at the moment. You got to ask others to help.

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