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Free information on accounting for learning and education purposes


I am a Chartered Accountant and Approved Company Auditor in Malaysia. My primary objective of creating this blog is to share my experience with those who are interested to learn accounting.


This blog is for learning and information purposes only and it is written mainly from a Malaysia perspective. The information on this site should not be used in whatever means as a substitute for consulting a professional accountant in decision making. You are advised to exercise your own judegement should you wish to rely on the information shown in this site and the author will not be responsible for any consequences including any losses suffered as a result of using the information shown in this site.

11 Responses to “Author”

  1. saju said

    very good article.thx

  2. saaya said

    I dont know anything abt accounting.I would like to know how to track transactions in stockmarket?

  3. jifa said

    good work done, man.
    I this to be very helpful.
    i am a graduate in accouting.

  4. learnaccounting said

    Thx Jifa

  5. hello, i have to thank my lucky stars as i was just browsing for some articles related to Company Client’s Account. i’m in the midst of preparing docs for audit so yr blog really helped me alot. thank you very very much.

  6. learnaccounting said

    You are welcome!:)

  7. Pallavi said

    Hi I need some information on how to project balance sheet using Profit and Loss statement. I know that the net income is accounted as retained earnings in balance sheet. But how to account for accounts receivable and payable?

    • learnaccounting said

      I’m not really sure of what you intend to do. However, what I can tell you is that accounts receivable is related to credit sales and payable is related to credit purchases.

  8. Christian Jay said

    Uhm… i’m am accountancy student. I just want to request a search bar in your blog because i have a hard time looking for a specific financial statement to compare with my homeworks. Thanks, and keep helping people like me. ^^

  9. Great site will be reading all of it! Initially did a search for “sole proprietorship balance sheet Malaysia” to search relevant samples on how to correctly write-up my income tax form and also afraid about the vacant audit (previously I just signed by myself and some people say you need an auditor/tax officer) so very relieved with your words that it is not a requirement for SP in in Msia. Plus will be linking your site to my online sites. 5 Star, A+ Big thank you for your invaluable sharing and teaching.

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